Cast Resin Transformers

From £800.00

AM Transformers supply a collection of Cast Resin Power & Distribution Transformers with the choice of both recently manufactured and re-engineered solutions being available. We supply Cast Resin Transformers in accordance with internationally recognised standards and designed to suit client requirements.

Cast Resin transformers are supplied either in IP00 specification or in sheet steel ventilated enclosures complete with HV and LV cable boxes. Cast Resin Transformers are Hazard free to the environment, extremely reliable and suitable for places where environmental issues and fire safety are major important factors.

AM Transformers Cast Resin Transformers Range

  • Distribution range from 50kVA to 4000kVA
  • Power range from 3000kVA to 16MVA
  • Primary voltages up to 36KV


We are able to supply special units to suit most applications Cast Resin Transformers.


AM Transformers is a global leader in the field of Electrical Power dedicated to the provision of specialist services & products to the engineering industry in general and to the electrical power in particular. AM Transformers are leading suppliers of 3 phase transformers in the UK.


If you would like more information on what we can provide you or if you have specific requirements for your Cast Resin Transformers then please request a quote with your details or get in touch via phone, we’re here to help!

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Cast Resin Transformers