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Encapsulated Transformers

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We can provide high quality, durable, low profile Encapsulated Transformers at exceptional prices. Due to the high demand, we have carried out extensive research and development to provide transformer products to meet our customer’s requirements and any specific models.

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We have a full range of encapsulated transformers available.

  • 1.5VA Encapsulated Inherently Short Circuit Proof Transformer
  • PRIMARY : 230V
  • SECONDARY : 6 + 6V, 9 + 9V, 12 + 12V
  • Insulation Test : 3750V
  • Insulation Class : B (130°C)
  • Temperature range : -10 to 40 Deg C
  • Dimensions : 32.5mm x 27.5mm x 22.5mm
  • Encapsulated Transformers Standards : VDE EN61558 and conforms with the provisions of the Low Voltage Directive of the Council of the European Communities of 19 February 1973

AM Transformers specialise in three phase transformers and provide our service across the whole of the UK. Please give us a call for detailed information on any of our products if you need any help. Our fully trained, friendly technicians can give you all the information you need.

Encapsulated Transformers

The aspect of control over voltage using custom encapsulated transformers as well as other voltage optimising devices can considerably help reduce the carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency. As a commercial or residential energy consumer you can help reduce your electricity bills through lowering the energy consumption of large electrical appliances