HV Switchgear

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AM Transformers Services Range: – Repair & refurbishment of your existing Switchgear – Protection upgrades of your Switchgear – Break down replacement within 24 hours on certain products – Medium Voltage Switchgear 33 KV – Vacuum, SF6 or Oil Ring main units Isolators & Fused Switches (Long & Crawford GF3, J4, T4gf3) Schneider Ring master range – RN2c, CE2, CN2, SE6, SN6 Vacuum circuit breakers – High Voltage Switchgear 36kV – Vacuum or SF6 – Motor starting equipment up to 11 kV – Brand new indoor / outdoor HV Switchgears AM Transformers specialise in three phase transformers and provide our service across the whole of the UK. Please give us a call for detailed information on any of our products if you require

AM Transformers provide a range of HV switchgear with primary voltage up to 36kV. Our switchgear products are available both newly manufactured and re-engineered.

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HV Switchgear