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Voltage Stabilisers

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Stabilisers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to accept a wide range of input voltage but maintain a specified output voltage to within +/- 1.0%. Our voltage stabilisers can be designed for three phase and single phase supply. Our three phase units can accept an input within the range of 374 – 481V and give a fixed output specified by you, the customer.

Our single phase units work over a range of 216 – 278V.  Voltage stabilisers are electrical apparatus that deliver a persistent voltage current to other electrical devices such as computers, TVs, industrial refrigerators. If the voltage happens to fluctuate then these stabilisers are designed to protect the devices and prevent any damage from the changes in power due to the steady delivery of electricity they provide They operate in the same way as a transformer on the basis that the feed of current is attached to the immediate windings and the power output is delivered from secondary windings.

If or when there is a decrease or an increase in voltage income, the voltage stabilisers trigger their electromagnetic relays which subtract or add to the number or turns in the secondary winding which then gives an increase or decrease in voltage output that counterbalances for loss or increase in output voltage. The voltage at the output point will almost constantly stay sustained.

AM Transformers specialise in other Voltage Stabilisers and provide our service across the whole of the UK. Please give us a call for detailed information on any of our products if you require.

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