Germany’s No.1 Custom & 3 Phase Transformer Suppliers

Custom and 3 phase transformers manufactured and delivered anywhere in Germany and across Europe. If you’re looking for a custom solution for a transformer or inductor you want the very best. Our team is not just highly qualified but we have over 20 years of insight and experience within the transformer industry.

    • All transformers including 3 phase are manufactured to EU, German, UK and international standards.
    • Delivery options are available to Germany with a shipping time of 2-3 days.
    • Up to 20MVA available.


Quality and reliability are important when it comes to having a resilient high voltage transformer. AM Transformers have been recognised as a dependable manufacturer of transformers and have served clients worldwide.


We can design and build any sized transformer/voltage optimiser due to our flexible, diverse range of solutions. 5KVA to 20MVA, We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Europe and Germany


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