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Great company to order from! Were very reliable throughout the whole process. 😀

Flawless purchase along with great end result.

I have seen a huge boost in the productivity since I bought the EMI Line Fitter, well worth it.

I recently bought an AVR and can say with 100% approval that this is the best AVR I have used and ever seen on the market.

Very good communication before and after purchase. AM was very reliable over email and gave me some very important details

A massive thank you to AM-Transformers. I feel very relieved that I was able to purchase my product from this diligent and cooperative company.

Choosing the Right Transformer for Your Business Needs

A transformer is a critical piece of equipment for industrial facilities, manufacturing units and other commercial sectors


The right transformer that meets specific business needs aids in business growth and transforms into an asset.

You will have to consider a several key factors, including the location of installation and performance requirements, when selecting a transformer for your business.
Choosing one without a assessing your requirements could result in waste of money and equipment that stunts your business’ daily output and long-term performance.
How to go about selecting the right transformer for your business? These guidelines could help.

Will the transformer be installed within the facility, a remote location, or in the vicinity of seashore? Different locations demand different specifications for the transformer to perform efficiently.

For example, a transformer to be used outdoors should be able to handle different climatic conditions; such transformers usually come with a liquid used to safeguard the internal winding from outdoor wear and tear.

Similarly, a transformer to be used at a coastal location is susceptible to corrosion caused by the saline conditions. Transformers for such applications usually come with a corrosion-resistant coating.

Be sure to specify the location of installation so we can suggest a design suited to your choice of location.

Determine how you would want to use the transformer. For example, in an oil and gas facility, a transformer is inevitable for processes such as drilling, extraction, pumping and refining, and for handling other offshore processes.
A transformer may be required for complex heavy-duty applications, or for simple purposes such as powering a facility’s lighting system.

Specific Requirements
Do you want a space-optimised transformer for your application? Would you like to have your company logo included in the transformer design? Customisation is possible; simply specify such needs beforehand and we’ll take care of the rest.

You can go for a single phase or 3 phase transformer, depending on your application. You need to specify the input and output voltage requirement, and the power rating in volt-ampere, for a single-phase transformer.
A three-phase transformer, common in industrial applications, for powering heavy-duty equipment, needs you to specify wiring configuration. Wiring configuration refers to the desired combination of the 3 windings of a three-phase transformer.

Voltage Requirements
Two voltage specifications – input and output – need to be defined. The input voltage refers to the voltage of the power supply source. Output voltage is the voltage required of a transformer to perform specified application.
While specifying output voltage, it is crucial to consider the highest load requirement of a transformer. This refers to the maximum voltage that a transformer would be required to supply as against the typical voltage supply for predictable applications on a daily basis.
Specifying the maximum load enables the transformer handle sudden unpredictable voltage requirements of an industrial setting without crumbling. This specification adds to a transformer’s durability as well.

Frequency Requirements
The frequency of your source of power supply determines the transformer’s input frequency. If you need a different output frequency, especially if you are using imported equipment, a frequency converter needs to be attached to the transformer’s output.

Safety Criteria
The type of industry, application of the transformer and the environment for which it is purported, often necessitate adherence to certain safety standards. It is crucial to check for such safety standard adherence of the transformer.

Reach AM Transformers for all your Business Applications
With over 20 years of experience in the business of transformers, AM Transformers is a trusted name that businesses reach out to, for their needs. We cater to a wide range of industries in the UK, and are known for our excellent technical and after-sale support.
Our experts are available to respond to inquiries. Place a call and avail the best products for your business.