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What Our Customers Think

Great company to order from! Were very reliable throughout the whole process. ๐Ÿ˜€

Flawless purchase along with great end result.

I have seen a huge boost in the productivity since I bought the EMI Line Fitter, well worth it.

I recently bought an AVR and can say with 100% approval that this is the best AVR I have used and ever seen on the market.

Very good communication before and after purchase. AM was very reliable over email and gave me some very important details

A massive thank you to AM-Transformers. I feel very relieved that I was able to purchase my product from this diligent and cooperative company.

Transformer Installation

Blog, Eco News

Think AM Transformers and you will not have to worry about installing transformers ever again. Here are some transformer installation essentials you...

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Ferrite Beads

Eco News

Ferrite Beads Ferrite is a black semi-magnetic crystalline structure that gives steel and cast iron their magnetic properties and it is a passive...

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What is an EMI Filter?

Eco News

They are either a separate device or they are embedded into the circuit boards. An EMI filter, is an electronic device used to suppress interference...

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Voltage Stabilizers

Eco News, Energy Saving, Money Saving

What are Voltage Stabilizers? Simply put, voltage stabilizers are electrical appliances used to feed a constant voltage current to electrical gadgets...

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PCB Mounting Transformers

Eco News

They are compact, they are reliable and they are long lasting - so long as they are treated properly. The first printed circuit boards that most users...

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How to save electricity & reduce base cost with custom transformers

Eco News, Energy Saving

3 phase power is harnessed by most electrical grids worldwide for electric generation, transmission and distribution. By carrying 3 alternating...

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