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Single Phase Vs 3 Phase Transformer

The purpose of a transformer is to convert power voltage to required levels for different applications

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Household applications, for example, require low voltage. In this case, transformers convert high voltage to low voltage suitable for powering a television or running a washing machine.

Industries and manufacturing plants demand voltages several times higher than that of domestic applications. Transformers cater to the heavy voltage needs of such commercial applications as well.

Going for reliable single phase or 3 phase transformer suppliers gives you the benefit of a long-lasting device and best value for your money.

Basic Working Principle of a Transformer

An insight into the basic working method of a transformer enables easier understanding of a single- and three-phase transformer.

When current of a variable nature is passed through a wire, it creates a magnetic field in its surrounding area. The strength of the magnetic field is directly proportional to the amount of current flow. The greater the amount of current, the stronger is the magnetic field.

When a second wire is placed adjacent to this magnetic field, current is generated in this wire. The current flowing through the first wire is referred to as primary current while the one generated in the second is known as secondary current.

Since current in the second wire is induced by a magnetic field created by the first, this whole process is termed electromagnetic induction. For more efficient production of current, coils of wire wound around a β€œcore” (an iron bar) are used.

A transformer features such coils to deliver the desired voltage. It uses the number of turns in the coil for voltage conversion. If the number of turns in the second coil is greater or lesser than that in the first coil, the current and voltage in the second coil vary accordingly.

As this process calls for the current to have a variable nature, only Alternating Current (AC) is used with transformers.

What are Single Phase Transformers?

In a single phase transformer, a single pair of coil is used. There is one primary coil and one secondary coil to produce desired voltage. A single phase transformer is a step-down transformer, which means it converts high voltage into low voltage. It is typically used for residential requirements, and office set ups.

Single phase transformers are preferred for domestic and lighter commercial purposes for two key reasons – low cost and lower electrical energy input requirement.

What are 3 Phase Transformers?

What Area 3 Phase TransformersWell-known for their efficiency to cater to heavy-duty applications, three phase transformers employ 3 coils, each separated from the other by an angular difference of 1200, to generate the required voltage.

3 phase transformers are highly preferred for heavy industrial applications. Industrial equipment functions smoothly as these transformers have the ability to transmit the necessary voltage over long distances with only a small conductor. It is also possible to incorporate a single phase within a 3 phase transformer, employing any one of the 3 phases.

Original products from reputed 3 phase transformer suppliers deliver multiple benefits including compactness, greater power generation efficiency, and cost-efficiency. The more compact a transformer, the easier the installation and transportation, which further results in substantial cost savings.

Experience True Quality with AM Transformers

AM Transformers are a trusted single and 3 phase transformer suppliers across UK for over 20 years. We build and supply quality transformers that strictly adhere to UK safety standards. We can deliver any type of transformer specific to your purpose. We have an expert technical support team to guide you with the products, before and after sales.