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Top 10 Voltage Optimisation Tips

Energy costs are rising rapidly


On one hand, is the need to manage resources well for optimum utilisation and on the other hand, we also need to follow the government’s directives regarding carbon reduction. Power management and energy efficiency are almost required on a daily basis from building owners and operators. Voltage optimisation is your best bet in such a situation.

Understanding voltage optimisation

Before you discuss how to use optimisers, you need to understand why you need voltage optimisation in the first place. Energy efficiency can be gained not just by utilising available power suitably but also by making sure the energy is distributed properly.

Voltage optimisation is, therefore, an unobtrusive yet highly effective way for achieving energy efficiency. Here are top 10 voltage optimisation tips.

Design and Analysis

Not all applications are suitable to technology. Before you set up your site, it is important to consider what applications you will be using and how power will be needed and supplied to them.

Your voltage optimisation provider will conduct a survey to determine energy audits, voltage logging, network analysis and full voltage to understand how voltage optimisation can benefit you.

Choose a Reputable Voltage Optimisation Supplier

Even as you start working on adopting voltage optimisation methods and determine which voltage optimisers to buy, you need to make sure that you have a supplier whose credentials are worthy and give you only quality products. Choose performance and quality over price.

It is important to choose a supplier who not just gives you the best offer for your applications, but also gives you complete energy management solutions. Your supplier must be able to provide excellent service, maintenance and consultancy whenever required.

Assess the Electricity Costs

Before you install voltage optimisers, it is a good idea to assess the electricity costs including installation, consumption, carbon emission savings, potential maintenance and savings. Re-evaluating and re-negotiating your energy bills with your service provider can be a good thing to do at this point.

Measure Operational Benefits

Before you implement voltage optimisation, it is necessary to apply IPMVP principals and measure the operational benefits of voltage optimisation for your project or building. IPMVP or International Performance Measurement & Verification Process conforms to international standards and is used for studying energy efficiency projects.

Always Calculate Total Costs

It is important to consider the total costs for voltage optimisation including material, installation, services required and commissioning before the purchase. You also need to include maintenance and servicing. Operational fees as well as disposal earnings need to be considered.

Consider Combining with Other Energy Saving Measures

You can consider energy saving measures by using alternative energy sources in combination with using voltage optimisers. Research the industry and other similar buildings and services and you could get to save a lot of money and energy.

Consider Location

The location for the voltage optimisers in your building or work premises can actually save a lot of money for you. Your system designer or local electrical contractor can help you to decide where you must do the installation.

Use a Voltage Optimisation Calculator

It is possible to find out how you can maximize your savings and achieve energy efficiency at the same time. Use an online voltage optimization calculator to work out your costs.

Invest in Monitoring Solutions

A comprehensive monitoring solution can tell you where, when and how energy is being consumed within a project or building. You can plan the energy use accordingly.

Regular Voltage Optimiser Maintenance

Finally, you need to make sure your voltage optimisation supplier is someone who will give you regular and up-to-date service and maintenance for your voltage optimisers.