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PCB Mounting Transformers

PCB Mounting Transformers | AM Transformers

They are compact, they are reliable and they are long lasting – so long as they are treated properly. The first printed circuit boards that most users would probably have seen had wires on them, with the components sticking through the printed circuit board and more often than not being connected underneath it via wires.

As technology has advanced over the years, the way they are constructed has changed many times. The technological leaps of the past decade have seen the complexity of the circuits that are able to be fitted on a printed circuit board increasing tremendously. Because they have no pins or other components that penetrate through the printed circuit board itself they can be designed to a much more compact spec which is one of the reasons they have become the preferred way to affix any type of an electronic component to a printed circuit board in recent years and now surface mounted components have become the norm.

PCB mounted transformers are generally found somewhere above the surface of the circuit board, providing whatever voltage transformation or current transformation that may be required. They do not have sophisticated cooling mechanisms, so they tend to come with a rating for the maximum and minimum temperatures at which they should be run. So long as you keep between these ranges your printed circuit board PCB mounting transformer should last for many decades.

These PCB mounting transformers come in a variety of different capacities and sizes, ensuring that there are enough options for just about any imaginable product. Mounted PCB transformers tend to be inexpensive parts, which helps make printed circuit boards even more economically viable as a means to produce electronic components. Used in a variety of different applications, PCB transformers can step the voltage down to a safe level which makes them indispensable. Constructed on high quality double section metric bobbins designed to meet international standards, our PCB mounted transformers are fitted with modern pin terminals for a level of reliability you can trust.

With next day delivery and a bespoke service that offers our customers the ability to design to order for their specifications as well as those manufactured to designs and specifications that meet the insulation requirements visit us today for your PCB mounting transformer.

Electrical Safety Complying with British Safety Standards

Compliance And Regulations | AM Transformers

Controlling voltage using custom transformers and other voltage optimising devices can help with energy efficiency as part of an energy management strategy or simply to help reduce your utility bills through lowering the energy consumption of large electrical appliances.

However, inadequate control or improper use of electricity is a danger to property, equipment and more importantly, life.  Therefore,  in order to enforce electrical safety, it is crucial any electrical device, such as a three phase transformer, is installed properly and has been manufactured to UK and International Safety Standards. This helps ensure safe management, design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems with a greater level of control and accountability.

What are safety standards?

Safety standards are set criteria prescribed by an advisory or regulatory body to ensure the safety of products or procedures. International and British safety standards are critical when designing electrical products that convert high voltage, such as step up and step down transformers because they ensure the minimal acceptable level for health and safety. The British Standards Institute (BSI) is the UK’s National standard’s body, providing standards for accessing risks and helping to shape robust safety strategies with consistent processes and procedures.

Why safety standards can help increase first time fix rates

Common standards in the transformer industry help define product quality and safety requirements. This helps reduce non-conformance issues that can demand design iteration and additional cost. Therefore, purchasing transformers that have been, manufactured to approved standards, increases the chances of successful first time installation.

Custom Transformer and Special Requirements

As a UK transformer manufacturer and distributor, we not only manufacture transformers to UK and International Safety Standards, we can also design and build any sized transformer within a broad range of transformer types. This includes various input and output voltages, currents, taps and number of separate windings.

What’s more our fast turn around, with next day delivery available on standard stocked transformers, ensures you have the right quality product for your voltage need with increased efficiency – ideal if you have a breakdown situation.

If you have a specialist requirement why not contact our technical team online or would like more information about our professional services, please call us on 01494 524 396.