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Electrical Safety Complying with British Safety Standards

Compliance And Regulations | AM Transformers

Controlling voltage using custom transformers and other voltage optimising devices can help with energy efficiency as part of an energy management strategy or simply to help reduce your utility bills through lowering the energy consumption of large electrical appliances.

However, inadequate control or improper use of electricity is a danger to property, equipment and more importantly, life.  Therefore,  in order to enforce electrical safety, it is crucial any electrical device, such as a three phase transformer, is installed properly and has been manufactured to UK and International Safety Standards. This helps ensure safe management, design, installation, operation and maintenance of electrical systems with a greater level of control and accountability.

What are safety standards?

Safety standards are set criteria prescribed by an advisory or regulatory body to ensure the safety of products or procedures. International and British safety standards are critical when designing electrical products that convert high voltage, such as step up and step down transformers because they ensure the minimal acceptable level for health and safety. The British Standards Institute (BSI) is the UK’s National standard’s body, providing standards for accessing risks and helping to shape robust safety strategies with consistent processes and procedures.

Why safety standards can help increase first time fix rates

Common standards in the transformer industry help define product quality and safety requirements. This helps reduce non-conformance issues that can demand design iteration and additional cost. Therefore, purchasing transformers that have been, manufactured to approved standards, increases the chances of successful first time installation.

Custom Transformer and Special Requirements

As a UK transformer manufacturer and distributor, we not only manufacture transformers to UK and International Safety Standards, we can also design and build any sized transformer within a broad range of transformer types. This includes various input and output voltages, currents, taps and number of separate windings.

What’s more our fast turn around, with next day delivery available on standard stocked transformers, ensures you have the right quality product for your voltage need with increased efficiency – ideal if you have a breakdown situation.

If you have a specialist requirement why not contact our technical team online or would like more information about our professional services, please call us on 01494 524 396.

Three Phase Transformers – the basics

3 Phase Transformers The Basics | AM Transformers

3 phase transformers are commonly used for energy distribution, especially in industrial facilities with когда big equipment – but why?

By carrying 3 alternating currents of the saving same frequency and voltage, the total amount of power supplied by a 3 phase electric power system remains constant. This is because each phase is synced to reach its peak at in one third of a cycle.

This consistency in power delivery is highly efficient, providing many electrical advantages and making it more economical, as it uses less conductor material and reduces the amount of electrical energy lost to resistance.

Therefore it makes sense to leverage 3 phase power systems in industrial settings that require cheap mlb jerseys high energy loads.

Electrical Transformers

Since three-phase systems are often used for power distribution systems, three-phase transformer devices are commonly used throughout industry to step-up or step-down voltage. This helps to achieve energy efficiency through voltage optimization, whilst ensuring the right voltage is delivered for various electrical equipment and devices.

It is vital the transformer type is compatible with the electrical wholesale nba jerseys supply system – incorrect connection can cheap jerseys from China damage equipment whilst being highly dangerous!

Whilst three phase transformers can be constructed from 3 individual single phase transformers connected together, preassembled 3 phase transformer devices are smaller, lighter and cheaper. This is because the copper and iron are used more Management effectively, mounted into one single device, unlike their modular counterparts.

As 3 phase transformer suppliers, we currently manufacture 3-phase transformers from 50VA up to 2MVA. As Women our aim is to supply high quality, reliable transformers, we can manufacture virtually any size of single or three phase transformer, dependant on voltage, with any type of termination incorporated into the design.

By choosing the right electrical devices for your requirements, you can save money, reduce your energy consumption and protect your equipment.

If you have any special requirements or simply need some guidance on selecting the right electrical devices – why not talk to our technical team?!

You can contact our support service by calling us on 01494 524 396 or click here to enquire online.